In Praise of White Bread

If you grew up here in Franklin back in the late ’60s, you ate your lunchtime tuna fish sandwich on white bread. Most likely Sunbeam which had a preternaturally cute little girl eating a slice of the bread on the wrapper. A few years later, Roman Meal appeared in our lunch bags as a healthier alternative, but, if you consider the texture, it really was just white bread tinted brown.

I’m not sure exactly when it happend, but somewhere along the way, white bread fell out of favor. Rye and pumpernickle and whole grains became the smart options. White bread was as passe as white rice. It was one of those things–like Velveeta–that you didn’t want to have in your shopping cart when you met up with a nosy neighbor in the dairy aisle.

But dadgumit…somethings just taste better on white bread. Like a BLT. Or tuna fish.

And this time of year, a turkey sandwich. Here’s how I make mine:

  • take two slices of Pepperidge Farm white bread
  • spread liberally with Hellman’s mayonnaise
  • add leftover Thanksgiving turkey
  • add a dash of Kosher salt and a couple of grinds of black pepper
  • 1 slice aged Swiss cheese (optional)
  • top with fresh leaf or Bibb lettuce

Now that is a great sandwich. Especially because you’re only going to have that turkey a couple of times a year.

And if you run out of turkey before you run out of bread, try it with tuna fish.


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8 responses to “In Praise of White Bread

  1. Amy

    Ahh, trying to live healthier with good bread. I have started baking my bread. However in the summer, when it is hot and humid, there is nothing better than sitting by my pool with my kids and eating an egg salad sandwich on WHITE bread. Yea, I know all the health crap, my husband treats cancer patients, I’ve read all the studies on “good” bread, but white bread is good, sometimes! FYI we ate “holsum” bread here in the north, with the big circles, red yellow and blue.

    Happy belated Thanksgiving! Enjoy your leftovers!

  2. Mother

    I cant believe you said “Hellmans”‘ – you are the child growing up thought we were poor because we always had homemade mayonnaise. (a southern tradition)

  3. hereinfranklin

    Amy–you’re exactly right…egg salad must ALWAYS be eaten on white bread. And if your husband is an oncologist, you should read this post:
    Hope you had a great thanksgiving.

    Mother–homemade is better, of course. But I didn’t have any eggs–I used them all Thursday. At least I said Hellman’s and not Miracle Whip which is not allowed in this house.

  4. Amy

    I loved your post!! I feel the same way when my family doctor calls! No, my husband is not an oncologist, he’s a little lower on the pay scale. He would be the person administering your dose of radiation. Radiation Therapy to be exact, training to be a Dosemitrist (sp?). I had no idea there would be so much work involved in this degree. We spent the first three years writing reports, or books rather on every friggin cancer of every system of the body. That was enough to freak me out FOR-EV-ER! Then he worked on site for a year full-time, NO PAY. It was excrutiating, but worth it. Luckily, he doesn’t have to make the calls, I guess that’s why he gets the lower pay!;-) There is a reason those doctors make so much money, they deserve it!

    Hey, where can I get an authentic southern traditional mayo recipe? I would be all over that. My husband would LOVE it! He freaks when I bring home Miracle Whip, if I made “real” mayo, he would die, just die! I would be a HERO!!

    One more thing, I’m very glad to know that you are cancer free. It’s a beautiful place!

    Blessings and Grace!

  5. Hellman’s, ugh. Miracle Whip, woohoo, it’s got tang.

  6. hereinfranklin

    FF–I think tang is an acquired taste.

  7. Sounds pretty dang good. I still like white bread.

  8. LOOOOOOOOOVE White Bread.

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