Facebook and Me

A few weeks ago I signed up for my own Facebook page. What was once strictly the purview of college students had wormed its way into the mainstream.

What was interesting was the number of like-minded middle-aged friends who came to the same conclusion. Seemingly overnight a large contingent of my friends were on Facebook with me–all of us trying to figure out exactly what was going on.

There’s no denying that it’s fun. Suddenly you’re as popular as a high school cheerleader with loose morals. Overnight 10 friends becomes 20…then 50…and in no time that figure is doubled as well. And when you consider that each of your friends has an equal number of friends…well, the networking potential is amazing.

But in the last couple of weeks I’ve become disenchanted with the whole Facebook concept. I’ve read things I didn’t need to read. Seen things I didn’t need to see. Funny comments meant for one person are insulting to another. My strongly held belief may be your worst nightmare.

In short, it’s just TMI–too much information.

Last week a respected anchor for NBC forgot that his mike was on and uttered the f-bomb for all the listening audience to hear. Posting on Facebook is kind of like that–it’s an open mike. And if you don’t want the whole world to see or hear, best to keep your thoughts to yourself.


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8 responses to “Facebook and Me

  1. I can certainly relate to your disenchantment with Facebook. It’s all a bit much. I rarely visit now, but when I do I inevitably have dozens of invites to play games, join causes, pinch, poke, and on and on. I just can’t be bothered. I keep up with the friends that I want to the old fashioned way – e-mail. 😉

  2. I have a love-hate relationships with Facebook. I have gotten in touch with people again that really I was never meant to reconnect with.

  3. Working Woman

    I also have a love-hate relationship, but I was around before “Photo Albums and Tagged Photos”. Those were the days when Facebook was nice and simple.

  4. I can’t imagine breaking up with someone and still knowing that they’re on facebook and you can ‘see’ what they’re doing (or dating!). Talk about a heartbreaker. Yep. TMI.

  5. Amy

    I like Facebook. I use it to keep in touch with friends. One dear friend in particular, who’s husband was assigned to a base in JAPAN. Yup the army took one of my closest friends, whose daughter was my daughter’s best friend. It sucks, but I like that we can keep up with eachother throught the facebook. The military might give my friend a break on the long distance phone costs, but civilians have no such pleasure. So facebook has become my “friend”. I stay away from the “inivtations”, and games, etc. I have also been mortified to find that I was “tagged” in an album. I wish a wasn’t, the picture, is not, well, not my best. I also realize after seeing myself on facebook that i need to lose 30 pounds. Stupid facebook tag photo thingy! Otherwise, I like it.

  6. I get so tired of getting so many messages on Facebook that I care nothing about. And I especially love a few friends who have found me, claiming to have been searching for me over the years. Um, I’ve been listed in the Nashville phone book since 1997.

  7. Brandy Smith

    Can somebody please tell me exactly what “Somebody Tagged you in an album” in FaceBook means. I cannot figure this out. What does this mean?

  8. I have similar feelings toward facebook. It is too much information and sometimes when people use it as a forum for political, personal, or religious agendas and they rant and rave it is insulting and you wish you never had to read any of it.

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