And Now for Something Completely Different.


I’m tired of the economy.

I’m tired of politics.

I’m even tired of trashy tv.

So let’s talk about things that make us laugh.

Here’s a few of my favorites–and remember, I’m 50–so there’s some old stuff on this list.

1. Animal House. I can’t help it. You have to laugh when John Belushi asks if “we gave up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.” Other great catch phrases: Damned glad to meet youThank you sir, may I have another…and double secret probation.


2. Monty Python. Just about anything–but the Dead Parrot sketch is da bomb. (it’s goes on a little long though.) Best line:  ‘e’s not dead….e’s stunned.

3. And one more from the Pythons…you gotta laugh at this. At least husband will…

So for all you children out there, I hope you enjoyed this little trip back into the ’70s. Beats watching whatever’s on today by a long shot.


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11 responses to “And Now for Something Completely Different.

  1. j9

    Did he just say “blessed are the cheese makers”?

  2. I love Monty Python. I have never seen Animal House yet, but I think I need to.

  3. hereinfranklin

    j9–I think so. In any case, it’s true, the cheese makers are blessed. Especially the ones who make bleu d’auvergne.

    Allie–That’s. Just. Wrong. On so many levels. I know you’re just a pup, but really, this is serious flaw in your pop culture edcuation. And in honor of my having seen it no less than 25 times, I misspelled education for you. 🙂

  4. Julie Fisher

    See “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” again and watch the scene in the theatre when the line is said,”We thought. . .you wuz. . .a TOAD.”

  5. Amy

    Oh my word!! Monty Python is our fave!! I love it when my 14 yr old son starts doing a “Ministry of the Silly Walks” skit in the mall. Then my 11 yr old starts telling him in her random british accent “It’s not really funny, now is it? The right foot just kind of stops.” Meanwhile, I am laughing so hard my gut is cramping, and people think we are crazy. Or the time we were at the park and my daughter (6 yrs old) fell off the end of the slide, brushed herself off and said “Oh, it’s merely a flesh wound!” Then she continued to play. Monty skits have been a source of great fun for our family. Yes, people look at us funny, but whatever,

    Another great british comedy show, “Absolutely Fabulous”. British comedy is too much, I love it. Monty Python takes the cake, hands down.

  6. hereinfranklin

    Hi Amy–love, love Ab Fab. Did you ever see the sad American version? It didn’t last long. Thanks for reading…come back any time.

  7. squires

    beau’iful plumage….

    I must say I am a fan of “fish license”.

    “For my pet fish Eric…he’s hanhalibut. What? He Is HANNNN HALIBUT. I choose him out of thousands. The others were much too flat.” Oh and the cat detector van (the loony detector van) from the ministry of “HOU-SHEING” that can pinpoint the purr of an appy cat from yards away….

    Great blog..will check back often…

  8. Amy

    American version? No, never saw it. The only american show copied from the UK that has had any succes IMO is “The Office”.

    I enjoy your blog thoroughly, we seem to have a bit in common. It’s always fun to have things in common!

    Have a good Wednesday!


  9. A friend of mine but a couple dozen Monty Python sketches on my iPod. Makes my commute on the bus a joy, I never get tired of them.

  10. hereinfranklin

    Free Man–Have you ever seen Fawlty Towers? Equally funny sitcom with John Cleese. Check it out. And thanks for reading.

  11. The Ministry of Silly Walks watch is now available at

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