And Today My Bank Is…..

Last Monday when I woke up Wachovia was my bank.

Wednesday, it was Citibank.

Friday, Wells Fargo.

Now I’m not sure. And I’m not sure it really matters. Citibank and Wells Fargo are duking it out for the honor of my business. I’m touched that they care so much.

A long, long time ago, banks were local. You knew the people who worked there. You went to church with them…and to school with their children.

One time when I was in college I came home and made a stop at my bank to take care of a little business. I asked for my balance and the teller told me a sum that seemed high to me. “Really,” I said excitedly, thinking of things to buy. Then I caught on…”Wait,” I said to her. “Which way?” She gave me a big thumbs down–the universal symbol for OVERDRAWN. Turns out that a deposit that had been mailed in hadn’t made it to the bank yet.

“Oh well,” I told her, “I’m sure it’ll be here soon. But in the meantime, I left my checkbook at school. Do you think I could have some counter checks to get me through the weekend?”

Somehow I just don’t see WellsCitiFargoBank giving counter checks (if they even still exist) to an overdrawn college student. And they probably shouldn’t. Giving money away recklessly is one of the reasons we’re in this mess in the first place.

Sooner or later, I’ll have a new bank. As long as they don’t screw up my direct deposit or my online banking, I’ll be fine with it. Because when you get right down to it, you really can’t tell them apart anyway.


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8 responses to “And Today My Bank Is…..

  1. Julie Fisher

    They can’t tell us apart either. . .not that anybody is trying real hard. When is the last time you were spoken to in your bank by name, unless they cheated and looked at your account.
    I miss Gray Drugstore, too.

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  3. Here in Spain it still works a little bit the ancient way, they know my name when I go into the bank and they aren´t constantly encouraging me to go online or use the ATM. I kinda like it. But you know what was awesome before? Those drive through tellers with the tubes that shoot your deposit into the bank with some kind of super charged vaccuum. It was so futuristic.

  4. Cindy, don’t you wonder if we’re going to get down to just one bank for the whole country? Yikes.

  5. Uggh, everytime I look at the NYT, that Dow graph just keeps getting scarier…

    Let’s think about something pleasant. Like football. I believe that your boys in prison jumpsuit orange have a date with my alma mater this weekend. We’re a little angry after the last couple of years…

  6. hereinfranklin

    I know the Dawgs are barking mad after the last couple of years. But even a defeat between the hedges is cheerier than looking at my financial statements.

  7. Older Sister

    But the good news is, at least for you at your tender young age, you have many more years to recover than some of us old foggies (sp???) I keep being told “it’s only on paper”………..

  8. hereinfranklin

    It’s still scary, no matter the age. I have a theory that the higher VU rises in the polls, the farther the Dow falls. So since they lost Saturday, maybe today will be better.

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