Herding Cats

A few years ago, my girlfriends and I decided that we needed to plan a weekend getaway. We used to all work at the same ad agency and now we’re all at different employers. Plus, we live at far ends of the city, so after work or weekend gatherings aren’t very convenient. But out of this was born our annual weekend away and we recently nailed down the date and location for our fourth journey.

If you think this is some typical “girls” weekend full of spa treatments and shopping, you’re dead wrong. Because for us, this weekend is about football…cards…and beer. And when I say football, I mean University of Tennessee football. (Well, four of us are dyed-in-the-wool UT fans, one is an Ohio State Buckeye, one is a blue-wearing Kentucky Wildcat and one is more of a pro fan but tolerates our Southern passion for the college game.)

So when potential dates are mentioned, football schedules are immediately consulted. After that other lesser events like weddings, business trips and surgeries come into play.

This year we have a full complement of the group committed –seven women. Even working 2-3 months in advance, finding a mutually agreeable date is like herding cats. (Watch that, it’s really funny.) And somehow, I always end up being the “event coordinator.” But after countless e-mails we finally nailed a date.

Then we have to determine the exact house.

We always go to Center Hill Lake–just an hour or so from Nashville and we always rent from Center Hill Chalets. Everyone checks out the web site and picks their favorite house. We only have a few criteria–lake view, hot tub, satellite tv. Sounds easy, right?

One problem with choosing a place is that many of them have similar names…Lake View, Lake Meadow, Meadow Lake…and a whole series of houses with the word “hurricane” in the name. Hurricane Hill. Hurricane Beach. Hurricane Haven. I really don’t know why you’d name your LAKE HOUSE after a destructive storm that never comes within 500 miles of here. I’d never name my vacation home Tornado Glen or Earthquake Hill. Seems like you’re just asking for trouble.

Each year we try to go someplace new, but it just didn’t work out that way this year. So we’re back to a place we’ve stayed in before–Burgundy Bliss. But it’s a great place…check out the pix on the website.

Anyhow, October 10-12 is our date. It’s the weekend of the UT-Georgia game which is HUGE! We’ll get to the house about 3. We’ll be on the screened in porch about 3:05. Doing what girlfriends do best! 🙂



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4 responses to “Herding Cats

  1. Julie Fisher

    Wait, you didn’t mention food. How can I envy you this weekend if you don’t mention what you all are going to eat. And who’s doing the cooking? Surely, you all have figured out some way to stay out of the kitchen for the weekend.
    At any rate, please give your fans a good report of this event after the fact. I’ll stay tuned.
    If you tell me what’s for dinner, I might be interested in applying for “girlfriend substitute” (just in case somebody has to stay home at the last minute. A little dash of maturity doesn’t necessarily spoil an event, does it??)

  2. winj9

    Yes – Julie. You know food is always a major discussion point. Lucky for me — the cabin group contains lots of great cooks. I’m mostly a great heater-upper myself. One year, we didn’t get it quite right and ended up with enough cheese to feed a small army. Anyway, it’s always a fun event even though it does take a very skilled organizer to herd us cats!

  3. hereinfranklin

    Julie–rest assured that there is food aplenty. We do not go hungry. And since when are you “mature”?

  4. Karen

    Thank goodness for Cindy’s cat-wrangling skills. Without her determination, we’d never make get this done. Plenty of good food & an excellent array of beverages. It’s a weekend of culinary delights. Now we’re just counting down the weeks…

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