Project Runway–My Guilty Pleasure

I don’t watch tv the way I used to. What I mean by that is that I don’t watch dramas or sitcoms. I watch reality tv. I tried to resist…but it started with Survivor and today that one show is responsible for changing not only how I, but millions of Americans view tv.

Once upon a time, summer was reserved for reruns. Promos for the new shows started in July and promised great premiers in the fall. Of course, once upon a time, I only had 4 stations to choose from and had to walk across the room to change the channel.

These days, new “seasons” can start at any time during any season–not just fall. And tonight, one of my favorites is coming on again–Project Runway. This reality compeition pits designers cutting and clawing their way through weeks of challenges. The show is hosted by uber-model Heidi Klum and her catch phrase, “You’re out,” is delivered with Germanic glee.

But Project Runway is only one of the reality shows I love. Top ChefAmerica’s Next Top Model, and, of course, Survivor are other favorites. But I do have my standards. American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and other “talent” shows are not must-see tv at my house.

And there’s one other show I must confess to watching. I resisted, but it lured me in. It is tacky beyond words and the women in it are worthy of a blog all their own. They are obsessed with money, status and appearances. They have horrible honking accents and more money, jewels and houses than I’ll ever have. They are The Real Housewives of New York City. Their pretensions are hysterical. They may be A-listers in New York, but I think they’d have a hard time getting by here in Franklin. But that doesn’t mean I won’t watch. 🙂


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5 responses to “Project Runway–My Guilty Pleasure

  1. Project Runway was on my radar last night. I, too, am adicted.

    The best thing about last night’s show was that I totally agreed with the designer who was tossed out of the competition. It made my day.

    Pretty pathetic day, I must admit, but it made my day. 🙂

  2. Reality tv shows? really??? you’re hysterical. I’ve got enough reality — I turn the tv on I want to ESCAPE into at least halfway good stories!

  3. franklinbootgirl

    Don’t feel bad-I love all these shows too. It drives my husband crazy-mostly because my 6 year old son now wants to learn to sew.
    The Countess on RHNYC seemed obnoxious at first, but in the end I think she is/was the most down to earth. I will probably buy her new ettiquette book when it comes out.

  4. hereinfranklin


    Thanks for reading. Check back often.

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