A Tale of Two Hotels

In the last month, I’ve stayed at two very different hotels: The Hilton on Michigan Avenue in Chicago (http://www.chicagohilton.com/) –once known as the world’s largest hotel and La Familia (http://www.hotel-paris-familia.com/)  in the Latin Quarter of Paris–with only 19 rooms, certainly one of the world’s smallest.

Here’s a comparison of the two in case you’re hotel shopping for yourself.

Ease of Check-In

Chicago: Took several minutes of wandering up and down hallways to even locate the registration desk.

Paris: Registration desk found with ease as it is only about 3 steps from sidewalk. As an additional convenience, it is also the information desk, housekeeping, concierge and where we went for our daily ice ration for evening cocktails.

Quality of Elevator

Chicago: At least 20, all very spacious with tiny televisions playing CNN so we could have something to occupy us on the ride up.

Paris: One only. Large enough for one person, one suitcase and one carry on. Or three people BEFORE dinner with no luggage. No television though.

Room Decor

Chicago: Quite opulent. Two beds. Armoire with tv and well-stocked minibar, desk with internet connections, two tables, several lamps, lots of decorative pillows, clock radio, double closet with iron and complimentary robes

Paris: Small bed, no pillows (just a rolled up bolster-type thing), tiny bedside table, desk, tiny refrigerator, three wall sconces with 13 watt bulbs


Chicago: Lake Michigan

Paris: Le Air Shaft (euphemistically referred to as “charming courtyard” on hotel website. The website did not mention that it is covered in astroturf.)


Chicago: Large and stocked with the usual hair products and lotions

Paris: Could actually wash hands while still sitting on toilet, which is quite convenient if you’re in a hurry. Lack of soap dish in shower did prove problematic, however. 

Air Conditioning

Chicago: Broken

Paris:  Worked perfectly


About the same. 🙂

I’ll be posting more about our Parisiene journey soon, so please keep reading!




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3 responses to “A Tale of Two Hotels

  1. Julie Fisher

    So glad you’re back–and better yet, that you’re back on this blog. I was beginning to identify with those Ann Klein flip flops in your closet–left behind and quite warm.
    Has your cat forgiven you for abandoning her along with the flip flops?

  2. hereinfranklin

    The cat actually prefers husband. She was glad to see me go so she could have him all to herself.

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