So our flight to Chicago was supposed to leave at 10:50. We are delayed to 12:30. Evidently weather in Chicago yesterday is stilling wreaking havoc on schedules today. Nothing we can do about it but grin and bear it.

One good perk of husband’s frequent travel is his Admiral’s Club membership. So we’re up in the rarified air where the diet cokes, cookies and internet access are free. He spends enough time in airports, so he deserves it. And on days like this, I’m glad he has it.

And to those of you traveling with me to Paris next week–no, we cannot hang out here. (I already asked.) 🙂

Au Revoir.

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One response to “Delays

  1. Julie Fisher

    Golleee, as we say around here. One minute you’re complaining about all those folks in Nashville for Country Music week, or whatever it’s called. The next thing I know you’re trying to get to Chicago. That’s a bit drastic, don’t you think. Pretty soon I’ll be hearing that Chicago wasn’t far away enough from those Country Music fans and their skin and that you’re headed off to Paris, France or something. I suggest that if you really don’t appreciate flab falling out of tube tops and shorts that all you need to do is stay home a few days and watch the Soaps. But Chicago? Paris? . . . . . .
    What kind of cookies do they have in that Admiral’s Club?

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