On the Move

It’s definitely the season for travel. Eleven family members are enjoying a long-planned Alaskan cruise. Six of us are leaving next week for Paris. Husband comes and goes so often that his new passport is already full of stamps and visas. And yesterday a group from church left for Pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage is an annual event at St. Paul’s (http://www.stpaulsfranklin.com/) started by our British youth minister. It started out a trip for our newest confirmation class, but over time, adults have been added to the mix as well. Pilgrims explore the ancient roots of Christianity in the British Isles.

I went a couple of years ago and loved it…especially after I figured out that we were doing Morning Prayer, Midday Prayer, Evening Prayer and Compline every day. The concept of Daily Office was a little over my head. But once I understood the schedule, I was good to go.

That year, we followed a Southern route that started in Glastonbury, went through Winchester and ended up in Canterbury. We were there for one of England’s worst ever traffic jams–on our unmoving bus for about six hours–and for an unprecedented heat wave. And I mean real heat–Tennessee-ish heat. All in a land that’s not only unairconditioned, for the most part, but always treats ice like a highly valuable commodity. But inbetween the heat and the traffic, we visited amazing places and met amazing people. And we walked the same ancient pathways that pilgrims have been walking for over a thousand years.

This year’s group in on a northern trek that includes Iona (http://www.iona.org.uk/abbey_home.php) and Lindisfarne (http://www.faculty.de.gcsu.edu/~dvess/ids/medieval/lindis/lindisfarne.shtml). It’s a journey I’d like to make as well.

 So Godspeed to all the travelers, vacationers and Pilgrims out there. Send pictures.



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4 responses to “On the Move

  1. Lashlee

    I sure would like to do some pilgriming. I’m stuck being a little pilgrim here in the Middle TN. Does traveling to and from Goodletsville count as a Pilgrimage? How about to and from the mailbox or to and from the diaper pail? Surely one must count…

  2. hereinfranklin

    I’d say your Pilgrimage is walking into your daughter’s room in the morning and picking her up. Besides, it’s not really about the journey, but what you learn along the way. 🙂

  3. Lashlee

    You are so very right.

  4. Maggie

    When I was little I went on an Alaskan Cruise, it was totally amazing and I’d love to go again now that I’m older. I’m so mad that I wasn’t able to make it on Pilgrimage this year, but I guess it’s worth getting outta high school for. I might go next year if I have the money though. Have fun in Paris!

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