We went to a wedding last night that can only be described as perfect.

The setting was the farm of the bride’s parents. We were seated outside under the blue sky surrounded by the green hills that–for my money–make Middle Tennessee the most beautiful place on earth.

Instead of a third cousin singing Ave Maria, we were serenaded by Jonell Mosser.

The altar was stone that the couple had found together.

The priest opened by paraphrasing the 23d psalm because we were truly were on green pastures beside still waters.

The bride was beautiful. The groom was tall and proud.

There weren’t vases and urns of flowers everywhere. There weren’t candles or carpets or communion.

The bride didn’t walk down the aisle to a roaring organ playing the Wedding March. No…a single fiddler played Ode to Joy instead.

It was the most elegant wedding I’ve ever been too…and what made it so elegant was its simplicity.

It really was just perfect.

Oh…except for one small thing…it was about 123 degrees…but that made the chilled champagne taste so much better!


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3 responses to “Perfection

  1. Beck

    I hope the one we go to tonight at Carnton will be as perfect. I know it will be as hot if not worse. The last wedding I went to at Carnton was………..let me think, I remember ………… was YOURS!!!

  2. Julie Fisher

    We went to a wedding last night, too. One of those mega weddings–you know, 14 bridesmaids (if I had had that many, there wouldn’t have been anybody to sit in the church), an orchestra (!) in the church, an orchestra at the reception, videos and limousines, and in this case the initials of the bride and groom flashed onto the ceiling of the tent in lights. I told Doug that I just don’t think we are THAT married.

  3. hereinfranklin

    Beck…then it really has been a long time. Julie–that thing with the initials cracks me up…makes you wonder if they’ll have it in thier bedroom too. Like a night-light.

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