It’s late Sunday afternoon on Memorial Day weekend. Since leaving work Friday I’ve been to four parties. I’m not complaining, I love me some parties. After the last party–a brunch this morning–I came home and did my semi-annual round of yard work.

I do not have a green thumb. My mother, sister and brother are all crazy about digging in the dirt. They know the names of all kinds of exotic (to me, at least) flowers. They plot and plan and mulch and fertilize and water and water and water. It’s just not my cup of tea.

Last night’s party was at the house of a woman who also has a yard full of blooming bushes and roses and lots of other things I can’t identify. And she has the knack for arranging and decorating that anyone would be jealous of.

The only thing I can grow are herbs. Because you know what most herbs really are? Mediterrean weeds that happen to taste good. Weeds I can handle. As an aside, the last time I was “working” in the yard, I became hysterical when I saw a blue and white stripped snake. Turns out, it was my untied shoelace. I thought the snake was chasing me.

But today I couldn’t igore the non-herbal weeds any longer. So I hooked up the small trailer to the riding mower (we have a really big yard) and filled the little trailer up with weeds. Rode over to the place where our neighborhood takes yard detritus and dumped it.

(AndthenbythewayJohnwhenIwasputtingthemowerupIaccidentallynudgedthebigtrailerjustalittlebut everything isalrightIswearhopeyou’rehavingfuninHongKong.)

So now I’m cleaned up, the yard work is done and tomorrow is a holiday all for me.

Happy Memorial Day!


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5 responses to “Ahhhhhhhh….

  1. J9

    Good thing it’s raining here and you can’t get into any more problems in the yard/garage . . . But I would think that John has other things to worry about – like if the earth is moving under his feet. Safe travels John!

  2. Niece Julie

    Here here Aunt Cindy – I too was skipped when the yard gene was passed out….thank goodness for ivy!!! Happy Memorial Day to you!

  3. hereinfranklin

    Yes…ivy comes in handy! Happy Memorial Day to you too…but back to work tomorrow. 😦

  4. Mother

    Yard work is dangerous. I picked up some poison ivy this weekend while tidying up the yard.

  5. Niece Julie

    Not Poison Ivy….nice english ivy – although I am sure I have the poison kind too. No work for me tomorrow, I took an extra day to rest b/c I knew my first three days would be busy! I was right and I am soooo looking forward to tomorrow!

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