A Dilemma

The other day I was driving to work and this catchy little song came on the radio. Do-do-do do-do-do–well, those weren’t all the lyrics, but it was cute and bouncy. Quintisessential pop. I didn’t catch many of the words. The chorus talked about some kind of life and the words “good bye” were frequent. After it was over, the dj announced the name of the song and the band.

Now this was not a new song…I’d heard it many times before, but was never interested enough to investigate. But since I became an iPod owner a few years ago, I often track down songs I like. That’s the beauty of an iPod…you buy one song at a time for 99 cents. (As an aside…you can tell how old someone is by thier music collection…I went from albums to 8 tracks to cassettes to CDs to digital. All those Elton John and Jimmy Buffett albums that went to college with me are now in the basement.)

So I went to iTunes and downloaded the song. I played it a couple of times and still couldn’t catch many of the lyrics. I googled the song and found the lyrics. My catchy, bouncy, happy little song is all about drug use, sex and death. The name is of the song is Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind and you can read the lyrics for yourself here: http://www.musicfanclubs.org/3eb/3eblyrics/lyrics_semi.htm.

Here’s the delimma–can I cheerfully sing along to this song about crystal meth? I really like the tune. And it’s not like I haven’t sung along to my fair share of songs about pot or beer or partying…but they’re hardcore rock and roll for the most part–not disguised as anything else. I mean no one would ever mistake ZZ Top or even the Rolling Stones as choir boys.

I’m going to keep the song. And I’ll probably sing along. Nobody ever said it was a true song.

What would you do?





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11 responses to “A Dilemma

  1. Julie Fisher

    I sing “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” just all the time, and you know I would never actually drink that many. Art is a wondrous thing.

  2. hereinfranklin

    Well…I would drink that many. Beer is a wondrous thing. 🙂

  3. Little Sister

    Sing along….duh…..

  4. Little Sister

    I just listened to that song. I have already been singing along for along time. I just made up my own words.

  5. hereinfranklin

    Great idea…I like making up words anyhow…I do it all day long.

  6. Beck

    Is this a sister’s blog??? Little sister is coming to help me download music into my new ipod that my son gave me and I’m so excited to have. Don’t think I need the song you were describing however……..I’ll stick to Stones, Clapton and of course Elvis.

  7. I can remember singing along to “Cocaine” by Clapton as a youngster. One time I was riding in the car with my father and asked what Clapton was singing about…

    Don’t remember the response, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t say “drugs”. I do remember that he turned it up, and kept singing.

    Sometimes a good song is just a good song.

  8. lashlee

    “Fancy” was one of my favorite songs as a young child. Since I was forced to listen to the House Foundation every morning, country was all I knew. Who knew that my favorite song as a little girl was about a prostitute? I just loved it!

  9. hereinfranklin

    I always liked that song too. When I was younger a similar song was “Gypsies Tramps and Thieves” by Cher…”and every night all the men would come around, and lay their money down…”

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