The Gift that Fits

I am on the Vestry at my church–one of a group of lay people elected by the congregation to, for lack of a better term, run the church. Sort of a board of directors.

Last night’s meeting was much longer than usual with lots of discussion. Not everyone agreed with everyone else, but we kept it cordial and polite.

After the meeting, it became very apparent to me how each of us on the Vestry uses the gifts we were blessed with. The people who are good with money and spreadsheets and budgets take care of the finances. Those with a knowledge and passion for history and architecture keep our historic building in the best possible shape.

Organizers organize. Fixers fix. Big picture people see future plans. And our leader keeps us on track.

Our Youth Minister sniffed out my gifts years ago and I have been writing and cooking ever since.

The point is, each of us is using our particular gift to help an organization that is important to us. We have pooled our gifts to form a group that is talented and dedicated.

Lots of people say that they wish they could be more involved in their church or their community. The answer is simple–just use your gifts. Sometimes our jobs are not the best outlets for our gifts, so we have to find other places that can benefit from them.

And if you’re not sure what your particular gift is…just think about your favorite thing. Chances are, your gift is somewhere close at hand.

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  1. I think you have plenty more gifts that just cooking and writing …

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