Mother Nature

Lately it seems like Mother Nature is really pissed off. Cyclones in Myanmar. Tornados all across the U.S. And today, a horrific earthquake in China. I don’t know anyone in Myanmar. And I know that all our family in Georgia escaped the tornados. But, for a while today, I didn’t know if acquaintances in China were safe.

Eventhough I’ve never met them, I have connections in China. I have a pen-pal (well, e-mail pal) named Ling. She was friends with husband first, but we have become friendly as well thanks to Yahoo instant messenger. She is a translator in China.

Then there’s Kevin who I’ve never met or corresponded with. But he helps husband when he travels to China…serving as translator and navigator. Kevin even made husband Godfather of his son. (Godfather in kind of a secular sense.)

So today when news of the devasting earthquake hit, I immediately thought of both Kevin and Ling. And since one Chinese province is the same as another to me, I didn’t know if they were in the affected area.

Turns out, they’re both several hundred miles away from the epicenter. Husband has traded messages with them both. They’re ok

There’s a concept that everyone in the world is connected…it’s called 6 Degrees of Separation. The theory is that we’re all connected to each other through only six other people. Think about it and you can come up with all kinds of interesting connections. Personally, I can get to the Queen of England in only 3 degrees…my friend Marilynn is friends with Bill Clinton. Me to Marilynn to Bill to the Queen. See?

So we’re all connected.  Reason enough to be nice to each other…especially when Mother Nature is in such a bad mood.


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2 responses to “Mother Nature

  1. lashlee

    So true aunt…I had a student two years ago who had just come over from Myanmar. I thought about his family member when I heard about the cyclones. Crazy huh?! His name was Go. So it goes from Go to me to Cindy. Only three people!

  2. hereinfranklin

    Here’s what really wild…Go to you to me to Marilynn to Bill Clinton to the Queen of England…
    The immigrant from Myanmar to the Queen…

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