(God)mother’s Day Out

When I want to go somewhere, I just grab my keys and go. Unless I’m taking the cat to the vet, or we’re leaving for a long trip. our exits are quick and easy.

No so for my friend and the mother of our three Godchildren, ages almost four years, almost four months, and nearly 2. Just getting in and out of the car is enough to wear you out completely.

Here what yesterday’s trip to the zoo entailed:

  • three carseats
  • one easy-to-assemble three-person stroller
  • stroller attachments
  • blankets
  • diapers
  • extra clothes
  • hats
  • wipes
  • several baby-friendly items I’m unfamiliar with
  • one strap-on infant carrier
  • three small boys

And believe it or not, we seemed to be traveling lightly compared to some. I saw families wheeling in wagon loads of gear–coolers, portable picnic tables and toys. (Still not sure why you’d take toys to the zoo, but that’s just me.)

But once we got going, we had a great time. The boys were cheerful and it was a beautiful day. I even managed to keep my white pants clean–narrowly escaping a falling chocolate ice cream cone. My friend laughed and said she had been eyeing some white jeans the other day and then remembered that she rarely makes it through breakfast without something being spilled on her.

After seeing the elephants and giraffes and leopards and pandas (and avoiding the house where the skinks and reptiles with no legs live), and after three rides on the carousel, the rumbling thunder told us it was time to leave. So back to the car we went. (And when I say car, I mean a really, really big car.)

Each child went into his pre-assigned car seat. The stroller was dis-assembled. The blankets, diapers, wipes, extra clothes and other accoutrement of baby-dom were stored away. And then, just before he fell sound asleep, Godson number one said “Miss Cindy?”…”Yes,” I said. “I love you,” he said.

Is that not the sweetest thing ever? And I didn’t even have to buy the ice cream.

Happy Mothers…and Godmothers…Day.



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5 responses to “(God)mother’s Day Out

  1. Julie Fisher

    Miss Cindy, I do too.

  2. lashlee

    me too

  3. Little Sister

    Thats why kids are the sweetest things ever!!

  4. Niece Julie

    It does make you miss those days when they are young and not just asking for money for the concession stand at the ballpark….but I do not miss the diaper bag and stroller!!!

  5. hereinfranklin

    Hi Nieces…sorry I missed the party—hope you both had fabulous Mother’s Days.

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