Long Distance

I grew up on a small country lane a few miles from our small country town. Nashville was 20 miles away and a long-distance phone call. In the 60s, long distance was a very big deal. Operators were involved. A mis-dialed number was cause for anguish. And eventhough the connection was probably alright, one felt compelled to yell into the phone. My uncle lived in Switzerland with his family then and calls home were rare, as you might imagine.

Switzerland was as far away as the moon as our small, Southern town. We didn’t have a Chinese restaurant, or a Mexcian one. We rejoiced when a Pizza Hut was opened. Today my town is one of the weathiest in the country and our dining-out choices have expanded considerably.

All that to say that when the phone rang a few minutes ago and the voice on the other end identified himself as calling from Japan for my husband, I didn’t bat an eye. Just gave him the cell number to call.

Today we call, e-mail and visit around the world with the greatest of ease. So even when we travel very long distances, we’re never really that far from home.


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7 responses to “Long Distance

  1. Hmmm…A blessing and a curse. We’re never really far from home…but we’re never really far from work, or anyone else for that matter.

    On another note…great writing! Keep it up.

  2. lashlee

    Pretty soon you will be far frome home in wonderful Paris and the rest of us, like me, will be sitting in small town Franklin wishing we were in Paris.

  3. hereinfranklin

    Hey–you’re going all the way to Knoxville tomorrow…that’s nothing to sneeze at!

  4. lashlee


  5. hereinfranklin

    It’s a different time zone!

  6. I came across your website via Rex Parker’s site for the NY Times crossword. I reside in Orange County, CA, but I grew up in Middle Tennessee, and I still get homesick often. So, reading your blog and thinking about the time I spent in Nashville and Franklin quells the homesick feelings. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  7. hereinfranklin


    Thanks for reading. Come back and visit sometime.


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