Farmers Market 2008

The Farmers Market opened today—- And this time of year, it’s all about the salad greens and strawberries. We’ve been buying strawberries for the past few weeks, trying to find some that actually taste like strawberries. The batch bought at the megamart that was grown in California was unripe and bitter. The batch bought at the very expensive grocery that was grown in Georgia was unripe and bitter. Clearly, paying more does not insure better taste.

But today, there he was–the “Berry Guy.” Quart after quart of locally grown, organic strawberries. (Everything at the market is local and organic.) And hallejula, they actually taste like strawberries. Later in the spring he’ll have blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, too.

There’s just something wonderful about eating or drinking something that was grown nearby. This time last year we were in Burgundy, drinking wine grown from the grapes on the nearby hills. And when my meals are flavored with my own herbs, they just naturally taste better.

Our Farmers Market is a great blend of the traditional and the progressive. There’s a bluegrass band (who, if you hire to play at your private party, don’t tolerate much drinkin’–especially in front of them). There’s the dairy farmers with their organic milk still working the same land their ancestors worked a few generations back…

But then there’s beefalo, bison, toffee and cheese. All local. All delicious. But decidely new-fangled. So besides my strawberries, I have cheese, a bag of salad greens, a tiny savory cheesecake in the freezer and free range eggs–one of which is a beautiful shade of blue.

So now my Saturday routine is set…just can’t wait for the tomatoes!




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6 responses to “Farmers Market 2008

  1. Cindy, have you read Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”? It’s really good, although Kingsolver’s family is irritatingly self-sufficient and energetic. And her kids eat everything, unlike the other two people at my house who shall go unnamed.

    I’m really enjoying your blog. Very nice writing here, girl!

    Has the Texan moved his car?

  2. hereinfranklin

    Thank you, Miss Spaghetti. The car is finally gone. As for Ms. Kingsolver, I hated Poisonwood Bible so much I never picked up another one of her books. I tend to hate what others love…couldn’t make it through Kite Runner and countless other bestsellers. I think too much Chick-Lit has destroyed the bulk of my brain cells. Or maybe it was the beer…but if you recommend it, I’ll give it a try.

    Please share the blog with all your smart, Northeastern friends…

    p.s. Deep sea fishing? What’s up with that???

  3. I wondered the same thing.

  4. Julie Fisher

    Cindy, I remember we hired the bluegrass band to play for Fletcher’s first birthday party. The leader, who must have been about 120 years old, warned me that if any of our guests drank hard liquor and got rowdy the band would pack up “right then and leave.” I felt pretty sure that our guests would behave themselves. I mean, besides maybe your mother and Fanny. . . well, maybe Ruth Sewell—I sure did keep my eye on them!

  5. lashlee

    I love the idea of hard liquor at a one year old’s birthday. I will have to keep that in mind. As for the old man, I’m sure that if he is in fact 120 years old then he probably didn’t get that way without a few sips of Jack.

  6. Mother

    I thought the three of us acted very nice.

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