The Writing in the Dust

I work in a high-rent district. Across the street is a large private university. Law firms, ad agencies and architectural firms are all around. And my office building is connected to an upscale hotel…we share the same parking garage.

Rooms at the hotel are in the $200 range. Mostly business people and parents of the students of the university. The parking garage is full of late-model cars, trucks and SUVs. There is one particular SUV that I have passed for the past few days. (Please note that I am watching Law and Order SVU, so a typo could occur.) Anyhow, this one SUV is parked right in front of a high-traffic door. It’s been parked in the same place for several days. The car is quite dusty and there is some artwork on the large rear window.  On the left are the words “wash me.” On the right is a drawing of the male appendage, captioned with its proper name. (I am not writing the proper name because I don’t want to be included on lots of spam, etc.–it’s not because of any sense of propriety or prudishness.)

In any event, the car has been there for days. The um…appendage…is quite crudely drawn and it’s amusing that the artist felt compelled to identify it. It reminds me of the shows I used to watch in the 80s like Dynasty and Dallas. Whenever Alexis or JR went to Europe, there would invariably be a scene of a red, double-decker bus at Trafalgar Square with the following words on the screen: London, England. Or there would be an old-ish man in a beret riding a bicyle near the Eiffel Tower. The words Paris, France were there to let you know that the following scene was not filmed in Texas.

All this to say that if I left my car in the same spot for days and came back to find that it had been adorned with porn, I would be compelled to clean it with spit and kleenex before I left the parking lot. So far, it’s been there for almost a week. Should I clean it?


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4 responses to “The Writing in the Dust

  1. lashlee

    Since it is so “crudely” drawn…why don’t you do a better more detailed drawing next to it? Or even better, you can draw the female counterpart on your car, but leave off the label. Or even better yet, key that sicko’s car!

  2. hereinfranklin

    It’s still there…it has Texas plates. It hasn’t moved in at least a week.

  3. OK, I have to ask: Did the car ever move? Or did the local crime scene SVU arrive and start looking in the trunk for something that smelled funny?

  4. hereinfranklin

    No…Stabler and Benson weren’t needed. It finally moved…unwashed and all.

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