You know what’s wonderful about a blog? It creates a community where one didn’t exist before. Now my niece who lives here is conversing with my cousin (by marriage) who lives in Conneticut. They share a love of children’s literature and are exchanging book titles with each other. They haven’t met…yet.

Every day, I work the New York Times crossword puzzle. The puzzle gets progressively harder during the week. I can complete Monday and Tuesday’s puzzles in around 4 minutes. By Saturday, I take at least an hour, and usually have to resort to Google to fill in the blanks. Anyhow, one of the blogs listed on my blogroll is— a daily commentary on the puzzle. Somehow, through the magic of the internet, Rex (not his real name) found out and now I’m listed on his blog roll like this: “Here in Franklin–straight outta Tennessee.” Rex teaches English at a university in New York. So now this witty puzzle-solver extrodinnaire and I are connected.

One of the things I can see as admistrator of this blog is how people arrived at my blog…and at least once a day, someone connects from Rex. And from my friend Sally’s blog. So lots of connections where none existed before. I can also see that you’re clicking on the other sites on my blogroll.

In 11 days that this blog has been up and running, I’ve had 673 visits–that blows my mind. And that doesn’t count my own visits. So we’re all connecting.

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  1. J9

    I don’t have anything witty, sarcastic, funny, or clever to say. . . Just that I am so glad to be one of your “connections” — see you on the streets of Franklin this weekend.


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