This ‘n That

  • On the right you’ll see my Blogroll. These are links to sites I like…like Glastonbury Abbey where I’ve been and where King Arthur is buried. A very cool and mystical place. I went there on pilgrimage a couple of years ago.
  • Also there is a link to my much smarter cousin’s blog called Chicken Spaghetti. It’s about books for kids. Cousin Susie lives in Conneticut (which I, evidently, can’t even spell) and literature, not skinks, are a main staple of her blog, proving her superior intellect.
  • Gas by my house is up to $3.55 which means that I completely missed buying at the $3.45 price. Because of these increases, I have joined what I call the Right Lane Club. Yes, I am now one of those people who drive under the speed limit. It is a lot easier to do this on my way to work than on my way home.
  • On Monday night, for the first time in recent history, Law and Order was not on anywhere. I searched and searched. I finally turned off the tv.
  • Thank you for reading and for your comments.




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4 responses to “This ‘n That

  1. No, Cousin Franklin, you are smarter than I am. When I worked at your same Prestigious Place of Work one summer, I was employed for one hour a day, making it a grand total of 5 hours a week. I have never ever heard of anyone else having a job for one hour a day, and if I were smarter, I probably could have found one for two hours a day. That of course would have interfered with drinking coffee and watching “All My Children,” though.

    Thank you for the link. Here in Franklin is on the C.S. blog roll, too.

  2. lashlee

    Cousin Susie…I’m niece Lashlee and I love your blog too. I was looking at your authors that you have listed and there was no Cynthia Rylant. Have you read The Old Woman Who Named Things? If not, you need to because it is wonderful! As for skinks, I had a pet skink that lived by the cat food bowls on our deck. Mom seemed to know a lot about skinks. I remember her talking to me about their tails growing back if ever chopped off and I just couldn’t believe it! What could he ever do that was bad enough to warrant his tail getting whacked off I wondered???

  3. Niece Lashlee, thank you so much for dropping by Chicken Spaghetti. I love Cynthia Rylant, too! Her “Mr. Putter and Tabby” books are some of my favorites; I’ll have to look for “The Old Woman Who Named Things.” Thanks for that recommendation. The only reason she’s not listed at C.S. is that she doesn’t have a web site. (She’s so popular I guess she doesn’t need one!)

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