Goodbye $3.39. Hello $3.45

Last week when I wrote my first ever post, gas was $3.35 a gallon.  A few days later it was $3.39. Today it is $3.45. I never even got to buy $3.39. It’s like a whole era passed me by. One day someone will say “hey, remember what it was like back in the $3.39 days?” And I’ll just have to shake my head. Because $3.39 is something I missed totally.

Kind of like how I compeltely missed 2002–but that’s a different story.

I remember growing up that we would ride into town and my mother would ask the attendant (yes–I’m old enough to remember someone else pumping the gas) for $3.00 worth. What was half a tank then is less than a gallon now.

I’ve heard that Mr. Bush is going to send us a check for $1200 in the near future. At this pace, that’s about 24 tanks of gas. Or enough to keep both of our cars running for about 3 months.

Here’s what New York Magazine has to say about the economic stiumulus package:

“…this is the stupidest, most wasteful, and least effective idea possible to reverse the decline in the U.S. economy, a decline that is pulling the rest of the world down with it. The only stimulus this package will generate is a boost to the bottom lines of Men’s Wearhouse or Nike or maybe Apple, as if what really ails America is slowing suit, sneaker, and iPod sales. The stimulus plan shows, once again, the cluelessness of this administration about how the economy works … it doesn’t address the core issue: the decline of home prices in America and the broader financial impact of that decline. Until homes sell for $1,200, this plan’s not worth the paper the rebate checks will be printed on…”

Of course, when my check arrives, I will not tear it up in a self-rightous fit. I will go buy a new iPod. Or more likely, pay off my credit card bill from Paris.


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One response to “Goodbye $3.39. Hello $3.45

  1. Beck

    You are either getting alot more from the government than most people or you are forgetting the dreaded conversion from euros to $$$’s (or vice versa)

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