Just for Brother


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6 responses to “Just for Brother

  1. Julie Fisher

    So, what are you trying to say here, Cindy?

  2. hereinfranklin

    If you see my brother’s comments in previous posts, you’ll notice that he has a skink fetish!

  3. Beck

    That does not look a thing like MY brother!!!

  4. I’m just now seeing the Skink. Beck’s right; it doesn’t look like me…my tongue’s not blue! True story. Rhonda was in town from Salt Lake City. She and Mary went shopping and Rhonda opened her purse to pay…a Skink comes out at an extremely high rate of speed. Rhonda goes one way; the cashier another and we don’t know what happened to the Skink…He probably lives in a Greenhill’s Mall store, kicked back! But more importantly, where did he get into her purse…maybe our house?

  5. hereinfranklin

    There is some weird connection with you and skinks. If I found a skink in my purse I would have a come apart right then and there. Makes my toes curl up just thinking about it. I will most likely have skink nightmares now.

  6. Little Sister

    I know I am much younger than the rest of you, but what is a skink???? I am sure my cat kills them, cause he kills everything. However, I have never seen one at the mall!!!!


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