The Earth Moved

Did you feel it? Early this morning…about 4:40? I woke up. Now I am a very light sleeper. The cat walking across the carpet in the bedroom wakes me up. But this morning the window was rattling. It was a window I had left open, so I assumed it was the wind.

I didn’t hear any wind. I didn’t feel any wind. But that’s what I assumed. Earthquake was the farthest thing from my mind. In fact, if you had asked me what made the windows rattle, I would have said a ghost before earthquake.

But then when I read the news today, it said that there was an earthquake in Illinois felt as far away as middle Tennessee.

But do you want to know the real irony in the fact that I experienced an earthquake today? Husband is in California. I felt the earth move and he didn’t!


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2 responses to “The Earth Moved

  1. I was getting dressed downstairs for work. I’m hearing this unexplainable noise and run up the stairs to see if Mary by chance was doing jumping jacks. Actually I thought maybe there was an exercise class being conducted in our upstairs bedroom.
    She had, in fact, jumped out of the bed, because she thought some kind of varmit had gotten in the house (like a large skink). About that time Fox & Friends broke the story about the earthquake!

  2. How did “miss bathtub in the storms” miss an earthquake? I’m trying to remember the night? strange!

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