Gas Is the New Maid

Today as I was driving to work down West End I noticed that gas was up to $3.39 a gallaon. That’s a nickel more than yesterday. At the risk of sounding older than Noah, I remember when I could get a nickel coke at the drug store. In any event, the price of gas is one reason that I no longer have a person to clean my house.

I had the same woman for years. Let me be the first to say that she was probably the worst maid in town. But since my standards are low, we got along just fine. She did the basics and that was basically fine with me. But as the price of gas went up, my tolerance for sub-par cleaning went down. So since the first of the year, I have been maid-free.

And this is what I have learned: Buying cleaning products does not make your house clean.

It seems that if you want all those Swifter and Pledge and Tilex products to work–not to mention the vaccum cleaner–you actually have to use them. This is a hard lesson for someone who would rather do almost anything in the world besides clean the house.

And let me also say that there is an interesting corallary to this observation: Buying office products does not make you more organized. And I have an inbox full of bills from 2004 to prove it.

So bottom line is this, if you come to my house, and I hope that most of you will. please forgive the occasional cat hair or dust bunny.

Our hearts are in the right place. But chances are, our shoes aren’t.

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