Undercover? I think not.

So Sunday morning we were at Publix. There in the parking lot was this van parked quite a way from the store entrance. Every surface, including the windows, was painted with a Nashville skyline scene…the Batman building…all the tall banks and hotels. It was really gaudy.

When I looked a little closer, I noticed the words painted on the door…The Jacobs Group. Private Investigations. Now I watch a lot of Law and Order. (It’s on right now–but then, it’s always on.) And if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that if you’re undercover, you don’t want to call attention to yourself. (Actually, I’ve learned two things–never, ever talk to the police without a lawyer is the second.)

Hiding isn’t something I do on a regular basis…although I have been known to ignore the doorbell when the Mormans and Jehovah’s Witnesses are in the neighborhood. But if I ever did want to hide, I wouldn’t do it in a van painted with my name and phone number.

I hope none of you ever need a private investigator, but if you do, I’d really think twice before hiring the Jacobs Group.



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2 responses to “Undercover? I think not.

  1. Cindy,

    So wonderful to have you with us in the blogging world. Although of recent I have not been much of a writer, I do read regularly. It’s great to have you with us!


  2. Julie Fisher

    Let’s hear about your talking to the police without a lawyer. Now THAT sounds like a great Cindy story.

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