What My Cat Craves

A few days ago I saw a commercial that told me what my cat craves. Turns out my cat–who was born on West Main and has never been out of Williamson County–craves Tuscan Fire Grilled Chicken.  I never knew. I mean, am I a bad parent or what?

I’ve been to Tuscany, but it never occured to me to take my cat. She doesn’t even have a passport. She’s never even had Kentucky Fried Chicken…much less Tuscan Fire Grilled Chicken.

The rule at our house is this…our cat–Kitty–eats Purina Cat Chow. That’s it. No treats. No tidbits from the table. If she wants something else, she has to catch it herself…and she is very capable of doing just that. Do you know the only thing worse that finding a giant lizard in your bedroom? It’s finding half a giant lizard in your bedroom. That’s what happens when you have a cat. A few days later, husband found the other half–in her bowl…he said it was a little puffy.

So, I love my cat. But I really think that an animal that would eat half a puffy lizard really does not crave Tuscan Fire Grilled Chicken.

But I think I sounds pretty good. (The chicken, that is.)


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11 responses to “What My Cat Craves

  1. lashlee

    My cat would give his left testicle to catch a lizard. He’s homebound. Oh wait…he doesn’t have a left testicle. I hope he can’t blog because he will want to come to your house and catch lizards.

  2. hereinfranklin

    The lizard was at my old house. 🙂

  3. Marilynn

    Great stuff….Bob Ginnevan would be proud…

  4. That lizard was actually a skink. As for Tuscan Fire Grilled Chicken, it tastes very much like Skink. Surely you knew this, right? Skink can be prepared Tuscan style, but we prefer it blackened; skink on a stick is also a great appetizer…serve it with a nice pinot noir, an Oregon vineyard is preferred. Last skink diced and served over Fettuccini with parmesean cheese and sundried tomatoes is killer. Give the cat a culinary adventure (and a tagament) for a change!

  5. hereinfranklin

    Mmmm…skink on a stick…I think I had that at the Arkansas State Fair.

  6. Naw, it was probably at the Mississippi State Fair: deep-fried skink.

    Nice blog, Ms. Here in Franklin!


  7. hereinfranklin

    Thanks Ms. Chicken Spaghetti.

  8. Mother

    My kitty, first cousin to kitty in above article, prefers voles. she lays them at the back door – one morning there were four – one was headless. she prefers meow-mix when voles are not in season with a bird for dessert.

  9. Nancy Blackwelder

    Remind me to ask what you all are having for dinner if you ever ask me for dinner again. It’s not that I’m that picky, but I’m trying to keep my Italian experience fresh in my memory and I think Tuscany Fried Skink would spoil it for me. Cheap though. Maybe you should contact MS. Cheap about the availability of skink and it’s nearness to chicken. Please don’t ever lose the love you have for your kitty or at least tell me about it when you do.


  10. Beck

    Nancy – are you the same Nancy on my “swim team”?????????? If so, I have skinks, also if you would like to try one. – they are free for the catching.

  11. hereinfranklin

    That is the same Nancy…

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