Let Me Make this Perfectly Clear

Husband just asked if the “W” that shows up in the website address stands for Bush.

No. No. And, no. (See previous post re: gas prices.)

The W is for WordPress.


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3 responses to “Let Me Make this Perfectly Clear

  1. My friend Anne fills up her gas tank when it is half empty. She says it costs half as much to fill up and she doen’t feel so bad.

    I can work at home or if I go to my studio it is only 5 miles away. 5 miles and then back to pick up the boys from school. I don’t think about the cost of gas much because I don’t fill up often. But when I do – I think the problem is that these higher gas costs did not come soon enough. If they had come sooner people would have realized that mass transit, high speed trains and condensed housing was the answer. Why let the land be eaten up with out of control urban growth. Let’s all move to the city core, stop driving our cars and demand better transportation systems.

    I still meet my friends for breakfast.

  2. welcome to the blog world! you know I can think of plenty of uses for the “w” … ohhh how things get tainted in this life.

  3. I am so sad to hear that businesses are still hanging on to the old-fashioned, out of date office hours of 9-5. There have been many studies that show when employees have more flexibility in their schedules and work environments, they are much more productive. Let’s face it: not everyone has the same rhythms with time. Some are more night owls, some early birds, and some fit the 9-5 schedule just fine. And flexibility would cut down on time spent in rush hour traffic, ultimately saving fuel costs and avoiding potential frustration. And surely everyone knows that there are times when the work week needs more hours logged in and times when it’s not necessary to sit around looking for work to do. I’m all for working hard but flexibility with a work day can make the difference between a happy employee and one who just punches the clock to get the paycheck. Anyway, good luck Cindy.

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