Gas Is the New Lunch

In the last week and a half, I have spent nearly $150 on gas. That’s three tanks–2 for me, one for husband. We don’t have giant SUVs or sports cars. We don’t buy high octane. We have one Toyota and one Chevrolet.  Just now I also spent $50 at Publix. No steaks. No organic lettuce. No French cheese. Just the basics. Oh, and stuff to make lunch.

I used to enjoy going out to lunch with my friends…a nice break in the day. But these days I have to buy gas instead. So lunch out is out for me. Gas is the new lunch.

I asked my supervisor if I could carpool with my husband. It would involve altering my schedule a little…I’d come in a little earlier…leave a little earlier. Was soundly and roundly denied. “Absolutely not.” You see, our day has to end at five…not a minute earlier. Irony is, is doesn’t matter what time your day begins. You can come in at 9:30 or 10–just so long as you stay until five. Makes you wonder why we have all the recycling bins around our office when, clearly, the biggest impact any of us can have on the environment is leaving our cars at home.

But this morning at church our psalm was the 23rd with the familiar line, “I shall not want.” It’s hard not to want…I want a lot. Mostly I want my maid back as I see the cat hair and dust accumulate. And I want a new car that gets better gas mileage.

But in the long run, I really do not want.



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3 responses to “Gas Is the New Lunch

  1. Alex Fortney

    There’s something wrong with the economy when I can’t afford to drive my Saturn. I’m totally feeling your hurt right now too! Let’s all get matching Vespas. They’ll be tres chic.

  2. Julie Fisher

    I want a Democrat president.

  3. Nancy Blackwelder

    At one time I worked for a state school. Talk about bureaucracy! They, too scoffed at the idea that I could have possibly finished everything on my desk and could use the spare time elsewhere. No, 7 am to 4 pm was the rigid rule even though my boss couldn’t think of anything else for me to do and I couldn’t either. Cush job. Sooooo, I saved money by making my own portfolio for another job and didn’t ride anywhere. What’s the point? Wish I knew.

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