So Just How Clean Is Your Organic Girl Lettuce?

I’ve never been a big fan of lettuce in a bag–especially those cellophane bags of sad, brown iceberg lettuce with a few shavings of carrot thrown in for good measure. You could practically see the germs floating around in the scummy brown water that always seemed to accumulate in the bottom of the bag.

I remember being at more than one gathering when the hostess pulled a similar bag out of the fridge, opened it and poured it right into a salad bowl.

No thank you.

But recently, I’ve been lured in by the Organic Girl brand sold at Whole Foods.

50/50! - 50% spring mix & 50% baby spinachThe products are touted as being triple-washed. And, as their website states:

Fabulous–you’ve found organicgirl! these are no ordinary greens. these are organicgirl® good clean greens. introducing the next generation of organic produce, grown in harmony with the earth usda certified organic and cultivated with a keen eye for superior quality. each leaf is nourished with love from mother earth, and packed in a 100% recycled plastic clamshell 100% Plastic Packaging . we have it on good authority that mother nature is an organicgirl, and we’re confident that you’ll agree – mother always knows best.

Old habits die hard, and the first time I bought these greens I put them in my trusted salad spinner/washer. What washed out was pure dirt–almost enough to make mud pies from.

Now don’t get me wrong–I know full well that lettuce grows in the dirt. When I buy greens from my local farmer’s market, there’s always dirt attached. No biggie.

But when something purports to be clean, there shouldn’t be that much dirt attached. If their triple-washing leaves this much dirt behind, it makes you wonder about the rest of their process.

Nevertheless, I tried again with a different mixture–a lettuce/spinach blend. Once again I washed it myself. Only this time, instead of dirt, there were soap suds in the bottom of my washing bowl.

Frankly, I’d rather see dirt than suds of an unknown origin.

After two or three rinses, the suds went away.

But not before I learned a lesson–no more “prewashed” greens.

I’ll save the money and wash my lettuce myself.


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17 responses to “So Just How Clean Is Your Organic Girl Lettuce?

  1. Bag salad is a staple from my bachelor days. You can’t destroy it for me. There are too many fond memories attached. There’s a place for the bag salad eaters of the world.

  2. I know you’re right, but I haven’t got a spinner and drying the damn leaves after washing drives me crazy. Please go ahead and tell me: “Go out and buy yourself a spinner!” x

  3. UB–I’m impressed–a salad-eating bachelor!
    Ellie–Go out and buy yourself a spinner. And a bottle of wine.

  4. I’ll grow my own lettuce, then I know what’s in the dirt at least.

  5. Does anyone know what company owns Organic Girl.

  6. Lesley

    Owner of Organic Girl = NewStar Fresh Foods LLC, Salinas, Calif.

  7. Cindy Bishop

    I have been eating Organic Girl greens since they hit Savemart and have never seen dirt on them, or tasted grit. The only problem I have had with them is once or twice the leaves were wet and kind of slimy. Took them back to the store for a refund. I will be washing them next time in my spinner just to be sure.

  8. J.S. Walker

    Just tried organic girl 50/50 for the first time. It’s a winner. Finally greens
    that last more than i day. I am hooked and will be buying more. Thanks

  9. Cindy Bishop

    I will buy more organic girl too. Its mostly always good and I have had maybe one or two times in a year that I need to take it back to the store. Savemart offers it on sale 2 for the price of 1 quite often which is good. Actually I have had more funky greens in the competitor, Earthbound Organic Greens, than the Organic Girl. I always check the date and look at the bottom of the plastic box before I buy it anyway. I grow my own in the winter here in California also. If you have not tried to grow lettuce, try it, its super easy and rewarding.

  10. Bekki Booth

    I love my Organic Girl Greens. They disappeared from Arizona for a while when Sprouts purchased all of the Sunflower Stores. We now have them back at all of the Bashas & Whole Foods Stores. I fought hard to get them back because like Cindy said I can buy boxes on Saturday and if there is any left the following Saturday it is still fresh. No brown! I also have not found dirt in mine. Love the I Love Kale and the Super Greens.

  11. Tim Rodemann

    I just bought some Organic Girl brand Baby Spinach and a mixed salad combo w/romaine, kale, etc. and although I didn’t wash them, because I naively believed they’re washed and rinsed well – and they may well be – because I found no dirt or grit whatsoever… and although I didn’t inspect every single leaf, I did paw through both containers, and I’m half way through both clam-shell containers (quite convenient) and have absolutely NO COMPLAINTS whatsoever.

  12. Tammy Coleman

    I bought Organic Girl Romaine lettuce leaves. They are now in the trash! Even after washing and drying in my salad spinner I can smell and taste the preserative on this supposedly chemical free lettuce! Disgusting!!

  13. Kyle

    I only buy Earthbound Farm & very happy it’s at Sprouts

  14. Christine

    Quit being fooled by advertising. Always wash your food. When there are inaccuracies in the advertisement you should know it’s a marketing tool and no value behind the statement. Washed^3 for washed 3 times…. x^3 does not equal 3x.

  15. Aloysius

    My recent purchase of a plastic clam-shell of triple-washed “Organic Girl” lettuce revealed a plastic bottle cap midway through the greens, so the rest of the contents went to the compost pile. My only consolation is that perhaps the bottle cap was “washed 3 times!”, as stated on the package. I wonder if they ever change the water during the wash cycle.

  16. Rachel Cabral

    Just today was ready to sit down with my “Organic Girl” spinach for lunch, and found a bug in it….a BUG! A pretty decent size green bug with lots of legs antennas….ick! Triple washed so you don’t have to? Yeah right.

  17. I just found your post after finding a HUGE bug in my Organic Girl spinach, just like the person above!! I took a photo and will be contacting them about it. Agreed that lettuce grows in the dirt, so bound to be bugs, but if it’s “triple washed,” wouldn’t that at least get the giant bugs out?? Gross.

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